William Hnilicka Memorial Scholarship


Bill Hnilicka was the Brown County Zoning Administrator from 1970-1996. He served as the WCCA President in 1980 and was very active in the organization. He served on the DILHR 83 Committee that worked on revising the plumbing code standards in the 90's. Bill passed away from complications of Lou Gehrig's Disease in 1997.
Beginning in 1999, the WCCA has provided annual scholarships to individuals seeking higher education. The funds for the scholarships have been sustained over the years by conference vendor fees, raffles and silent auctions. 
2 - $500 Scholarships were awarded

Recipients are:
Abby Heyroth - Going to UW-Milwaukee majoring in Architecture

Harley Baskin - Going to UWSP majoring in Sustainability 


Dear WCCA,


I am extremely grateful to be chosen as a recipient of the William Hnilicka memorial scholarship. I appreciate the WCCA membership’s support of my career path. As I continue my education in Architectural studies at UW-Milwaukee, I am exposed to a collection of individuals that have experience designing within a variety of environments thus I learn how to translate my future work into something universal and eco-friendly. Within architecture, my role to work alongside nature is vitally important. My father was introduced to zoning in the summer of 1993 under the direction of Mr. Hnilicka which helped guide him to his current position today as zoning administrator in Brown County. The zoning career ties in with architecture as to how it coincides with planning and designing. This scholarship award will go towards my education at UW-Milwaukee this first semester of my sophomore year. Again, I am honored to be given this award and cannot wait to continue my education in architecture.


Thank you.

Abby Heyroth

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Hello, my name is Harley, I am a Sustainability student at UW-Stevens Point. I learned about the WCCA through a professor at school. I appreciate William Hnilicka Memorial Scholarship being here to give students higher learning opportunities in Natural Resources. With Sustainability, I hope to provide future generations with the resources we have been privileged to experience, but on a more efficient and environmentally friendly manner. The money given in this scholarship will go directly to help fund my Junior year of college. I just wanted to again, express my sincerest gratitude for this scholarship.


Thank you WCCA,

Harley Baskin