WCCA Professional of the Year Award


Since 1998, each year the WCCA recognizes the accomplishments of an individual who has significantly contributed to the success of the goals and services of the WCCA. These folks are recognized for the positive impact they have made for the organization!

2018 Professional of

the Year Award

Ed Taylor

Department of Safety and Professional Services


Ed was the around when soil was first formed. It is in his blood. He has contributed to the POWTS program in Wisconsin since 1991, when he started out as a Wastewater Specialist with ILHR, and later with DSPS. He was instrumental in assisting in converting both government and the private sector from percolation tests to morphological evaluations back in the day. Recently, he has provided hands on training to both the private sector and county employees on soils and design of POWTS, which had been lacking. In the words of Karl Jennrich, "Ed is the last of the Jedi warriors of soils, very knowledgeable, helpful to the public and to counties." Thanks Ed!

Dick Mace Lifetime Achievement Award

Steve Rannenberg

Retired - Douglas County 


Steve worked as a Zoning Administrator for 22 years - first in LaCrosse County and starting in 2000 in Douglas County. He was the WCCA President in 2013 and stepped us as the Past President several times because of vacancies in the Executive Board. Steve's presence on the Executive Board was always professional and solution-oriented. He could see the bigger picture and would guide the organization in the direction it needed to go. He was always prepared for the mission and always ready to serve others. A true leader. An inspiration to many and someone who will be truly missed. 

Dick Mace Lifetime Achievement Award


The Dick Mace Lifetime Achievement Award was started in 2012. It is awarded only when a worthy candidate is nominated and selected. Criteria for evaluating nominations for the award include the following:
  • The candidate has worked consistently and steadfastly to assure and/or improve resource protection and WCCA interests over a continuous period of at least 20 years.
  • The candidate has made one or more outstanding contributions , or a series of contributions, to advance, promote or improve the success of WCCA members and it's goals.
  • The candidate has led or inspired advancement of WCCA members, it’s goals and objectives and/or collaborative relationships with cooperating agencies and associations.

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