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2017 Summer District Reports

Brian Duell, West Central District --  No Report


Andrew Baker, Southeast District --  The Southeast District provided the county and member spotlight for this quarter.

Jen Croonborg-Murphy, Northwest District -- The NW District met on February 15 in Hayward to discuss legislative updates, WCCA budget items, and updates from the WCCA Annual Executive Board meeting in January.  Frank Dallam was present to discuss WDNR floodplain updates.  Doug Casina was present to discuss WDNR shoreland and wetland updates.  In May, several past and present Members of the WCCA as well as other industry professionals gathered to convey fond retirement wishes to Larry Hildebrandt as he steps into new adventures after 42 years as Zoning Administrator of Ashland County.  Our next meeting is June 21 in Spooner where we will meet with several DOT representatives to discuss public road projects, driveway access, and signage.  WDNR representative will also be present to discuss public road projects as they relate to wetlands & waterways as well as shoreland updates. 


Jeremy Johnson, Northeast District --  No Report


Adam Wiegel, Southwest District --The Southwest District met in Monroe on Dodgeville on April 13, 2017.  Green, Richland, Iowa, Sauk and Grant County’s were present.  The Southwest District welcomed new member Justin Johnson.  Justin is a new employee with Grant County and is currently handling Zoning matters.  Grant and Richland Counties have seen an increase in POWTS religious waivers.  A discussion was held in regards to the best way to handle the issue.  Based on the discussion it appears that almost all waivers are approved by the State regardless of the Counties objection.  The topic will be placed on a future agenda.  The best way to keep WI Fund in the State budget was also discussed.  Lynda Schwikert of Grant County is working with other WCCA members to get Senator Marklin’s office paperwork showing how many people benefit from the program.  The Southwest District has a large number of WI Fund applicants. 


Jeff Brewbaker, Central District -- No Report


Brian Giebel, East Central District -- No Report   

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