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2019 Summer District Reports

Jared Grande, West Central District --  No Report

Ben Greenberg, Southeast District --  No Report.

Amanda McMeekin, Northwest District -- The Northwest District met on May 8, 2019 in Hayward with WMS Dan Harrington and  Water Reg. Zoning Engineer Jacob Druffner.  We discussed the new district boundaries, waterway and wetland program specialization and changes within the floodplain and dams program


Mike Huth, Northeast District --  The Northeast District has wrapped up its meetings for the year.  At our last meeting in March, we met jointly with the East-Central district at Kelly Lake.  The districts hosted the Center for Land Use Education from UWSP and experienced: Zone! The Land Use Game. Attendees experienced one unplanned and one planned community.  Discussion explored issues and challenges of community growth, change, cooperation and conflict.


Adam Wiegel, Southwest District -- The Southern District met at White Mound County Park in Sauk County on June 6, 2019. County’s present were Green, Iowa, Lafayette, Sauk, Richland and Columbia. Items discussed included NRCS projects in the floodplain, POWTS online maintenance reporting, regulating short term rentals, regulating campers out of a commercial campground, wind and solar energy, Iowa County’s NR 135 audit experience and zoning standards for single family residences (minimum square footage and roof pitch). District representative Adam Wiegel also started the recruitment process for the next district representative. District bylaws state that district representative cannot serve for more than four years so his term is up in the fall. The next district meeting will be held in Columbia County in August or September.


Chris Mrdutt, Central District -- No Report


Brian Giebel, East Central District -- No Report   

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