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2017 Fall District Reports

Brian Duell, West Central District --   The September WCZA Meeting was hosted by Marathon County; Non-Metallic Mine Site Tour at Anderson Brothers & Johnson Inc. facility.


WCZA worked with West Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission to draft a letter to FEMA requesting for a Meeting to Discuss Improving Accuracy of D-FIRMs in Western Wisconsin. West Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission (WCWRPC) requested an in-person meeting with the appropriate FEMA personnel to discuss critically needed improvements to the D-FIRMs for the Wisconsin counties.


Andrew Baker, Southeast District --  Another busy season is flying by in the SE District and we did not meet as a group over the summer.  

Walworth County has had some staff changes in the last few months to report.  Deb Grube, Senior Zoning Officer, retired after 28 years of service.  Current staff member Nick Sigmund was promoted to the Senior Zoning Officer position, bringing 16 years of service to this position. Finally, Nick’s promotion left a vacant zoning officer position which was filled by Heather Marquardt.  Heather headed south from Wood County and was thrown into the fire just in time for construction season. Amy Sachs also joined the office as the Sanitation Administrative Assistant, which was vacant following a retirement after 35 years of service


Racine County is in the process of hiring a Permit Technician and is bracing for the big one you have been hearing about in the news.  No, not Harvey, Irma or even Jose…FOXCONN.

Jen Croonborg-Murphy, Northwest District --  The NW District met on June 21 at DNR Service Center in Spooner.  Shawn Haseleu, WDNR Environmental Analysis & Review Specialist, was present to discuss wetland & public road issues as well as field questions and concerns.  Chris Michels, DOT Access Coordinator, was present to discuss driveway access permits and signage.  Kay Lutze, WDNR Shoreland Policy Coordinator, was also present to update and educate the District on shoreland issues.  All presentations were very informative and we are fortunate to have representatives at the state level commit their time to interjurisdictional cooperation.  Our next meeting is scheduled for September 20th  in Glidden. 


Jeremy Johnson, Northeast District --  No Report


Adam Wiegel, Southwest District --The Southwest District provided the county and member spotlight for this quarter.


Jeff Brewbaker, Central District -- The Central District of the WCCA held a fall meeting on 9/14/17.  The business meeting took place in the Waushara County Courthouse. There was a good attendance and it was a beautiful day.  Counties that attended included: Jackson, Marquette, Portage, Vernon, Waushara, and Wood. There were a total of 13 participants.  Waushara County Zoning and Land Conservation Staff presented information on, “what makes a good shoreland buffer” and how the process is handled start to finish for vegetative buffers that may be required or when voluntarily requested. 


The business meeting lasted from 10:30 to 12:00.  Discussion and questions arose from all of the most recent topics that have appeared on the horizons.  Members showed many concerns with proposed legislation and wanted their concerns heard by the entire membership.

In the afternoon Waushara Co. staff took the group on a field trip of various shoreland buffers around the county.  The majority of sites were restored on a voluntary basis and they were quite diverse and beautiful.  It seems that owners that volunteer most often have the best success with their vegetative buffers.  Many of the native flowers were past prime but it was obvious the riparian owners were proud of their yards and had given the buffers a lot of care.  It seemed most had taken approximately 5 years to become that well established.


It was decided that the next Central District Meeting will be held on December 1, 2017, at the Rockton Bar.  Please mark your calendars and if specific topics or guest speakers are wanted/suggested email your District Rep.


Brian Giebel, East Central District -- No Report   

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