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President's Message Winter 2016


As 2015 draws to a close, we are likely all looking back over the past 12 months, while anticipating the new year and wondering what it will bring.  I have been deeply honored to serve WCCA this past year as your president.  I sincerely hope I have done the office and the organization justice.   And I also hope that I have succeeded (at least a little) in advancing our goals and bolstering our image.  It has been a rather tumultuous year, but with everyone’s support, I feel we have managed to come out of the political fray in the best position we could under the circumstances we found ourselves in.  Thanks to everyone, we have a foundation to build on as we move forward. 


I’d especially like to thank those who served on the executive board over the past year.  Steve Rannenberg has helped to keep us all on track over several years now as probably our longest serving President and Past President.  I, as well as WCCA’s membership, owe him for his steadfast support and guidance.   Steve is a rock in times of chaos, as well as a wealth of knowledge that I am extremely grateful I could count on during my years on the board.  


Terry Ochs was superb as your Vice President and Program Chair putting together two excellent conferences with record attendance.  Rod Eslinger did an outstanding job as our legislative chair in a record year of new legislation that affected us all.  Amy Barrows, Brentt Michalek & Dan Everson, Matt Brehmer, Brian Giebel, Kevin Grabau, Tom Bergman, and Karl Jennrich were all outstanding district representatives over the past year.   They were always available to assist the board and our organization as whole, while providing leadership and training opportunities for their districts.  It would have been hard to do what our organization did without the support and hard work of all those on the board. 


And I cannot leave out praising our Secretary/Treasurer Michelle Staff, as well as our Conference Coordinator Scott Godfrey.   These two do so much more than what their titles entail.  And I could not have made it through this year without their guidance and support .  This organization is extremely lucky to have these two past WCCA past presidents and leaders in our organization, in the positions that they currently hold. 


And now you will welcome a new Executive Board with Terry as your president, Rod as vice-president planning your conferences, and Rob Schierman as second vice president and the legislative chair.  There are new district reps. too.  Amy, Dan, and Brian continue to serve on the executive board, which will now welcome Jeremy Johnson, Jeff Brewbaker, CeCe Tesky and Dean Johnson.  A bright, hard-working, and very capable crew that I’m positive will steer WCCA in the right direction.  


So enjoy the holidays and your families and friends.   Relax, Reconnect, Reenergize, and Rejuvenate.  WCCA faces another exciting year that will require all of us to focus our energy and renewed passion to better our profession, our individual counties, and our great state.  I’m confident we, as a group, can do great things.  Great job in 2015.  Welcome to 2016. 



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