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2016 Winter District Reports


Brian Giebel, East Central District -- The East Central District met on December 16th with Kay Lutze and Dale Rezabek of the DNR for our NR115 Training Workshop.  


Kevin Grabau, West Central District -- The West Central District me on December 9th, at the Eau Claire County Courthouse.  The Main Event for the day was the Shoreland update relating to Act 55, presented by Kay Lutze and Mike Wenholz, DNR.  It was a very informative session with lots of dialogue.  The meeting was well represented by staff from our respective Counties.  We also had several Corporation Counsel attend the meeting!  A big Thanks to all Counsel that attended.  We also discussed that there may be additional changes looming on the horizon as there has been recent legislative proposals regarding regulations in Shoreland.  Thanks to Kay and Mike for your time!  Numerous members stated that this day was time well spent.  Mike Rogney was also present for the morning session; thanks for attending Mike! 


We also have a Changing of the Guard.  Dean Johnson, Marathon County has been elected as our District President!  Dean has been very active in our District meetings and also in the WCCA meetings and in the WCCA Google Group emails.  Dean will now also be our District’s representative on the WCCA Executive Board.  Tony Roder has been elected as our District Secretary/Treasurer.  Tony has also been active in our District meetings and also attends the WCCA Conferences as often as able.  Congrats to both Dean and Tony!  They will provide great leadership for our District.


We decided as a group to keep our District meetings on the second Thursday of the month, except for December, which will be the second Wednesday due to the yearly conflict of POWTS continuing education training on the second Thursday of December.  We set up our District meeting for 2016 as follows:

               March 10th –       Chippewa County

               June 9th -             Clark County

               September 8th -   Barron County

               December 7th -   Eau Claire County (with lunch at the Pizza Village – suggested by Clary)


I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to have been our District’s President the past two years, and to have been our Rep on the Executive Board.  I have learned a lot and have made a whole new set of connections throughout the State.


Change is ever present in our line of work, and by review of some newly proposed legislation, change is going to be a continuing theme for the foreseeable future.  Keep your chin up!  We all work hard and you all (in EVERY District) deserve a giant pat on the back for getting up every day, strapping on the armor and heading in to the battle in your jobs.  The rock band Rush (my favorite band) said it best: “No changes are permanent; but change is”.


Amy Barrows, Southeast District -- The Southeast District will be meeting on Monday, January 25 to discuss Act 55 changes with Kay Lutze. 


CeCe Tesky, Northwest District -- The Northwest District last met on December 2 in Park Falls when we also had our Act 55 training with Kay Lutze and Mike Wenholz. Elections were held and CeCe Tesky is the President/District Rep for 2016. Ed Taylor, DSPS Wastewater Specialist will be holding a soils training for county staff on January 20 in Hayward. He is providing us with information we can take back to our counties and be able to assist our local soil testers. Our next District meeting will be February 17 where we will be able to further discuss impacts of Act 55 changes and how we all are dealing with it. 


Jeremy Johnson, Northeast District --  NEWCCA met on December 3 in Crandon for a business meeting and training session by Kay Lutze of WDNR and Lynn Markham of UWEX.  Kay and Lynn updated NEWCCA on Act 55 and the application of its provisions respective to shoreland zoning and local Ordinances.  There were many scenarios that were utilized as a training opportunity for application of the State rules.  The next meeting will be on January 8, 2016 in Crandon.



The newly elected officers of NEWCCA are Jeremy Johnson (Menominee County) as President and David Sadenwasser (Vilas County) as Vice President.  Pat Virtues (Oconto County) was reelected as Secretary/Treasurer.


The Oneida County Board of Supervisors voted to merge Planning and Zoning with Land and Water Conservation for a one year trial period to be reviewed in September 2016.  Permit activity has increased in Oneida County (as is the case with most NEWCCA Counties).  Oneida County has hired a new Land Use Specialist, Scott Ridderbusch, to replace an employee that took other employment in Oneida County. 


Dan Everson, Southwest District --Dan provided the Member Spotlight and County Spotlight!

Jeff Brewbaker, Central District -- The Central District met on December 4th at the Rockton Bar, Rockton, WI.  Terri Dopp Paukstat presided over the meeting as the past District Representative, in lieu of Matt Bremmer, who had went on to greener pastures in Lincoln County.  There was a good representation of members present.  The meeting started promptly at 10:00 AM with a roll call and election of myself as the new Central District Representative.  We were treated to a presentation by Tom Portle of the WI-DNR.  Tom gave us a Non-metallic Mining/NR 135 update.  Terri gave us a short report regarding her and Terry O’s experience working with the Legislature in Madison and the Shoreland Zoning Bill they have proposed.  Terri  was well informed of the various legislation regarding land use issues that have been proposed.



On December 8, the Central District met for a Shoreland Zoning Workshop at Necedah National Wildlife Refuge, with a very good turnout amount.  Kay Lutz, WI-DNR Shoreland Policy Coordinator, worked the group through many different scenarios using real world examples and ACT 55 changes.  Lynn Markham, UWSP also gave an awesome presentation on the science behind shoreland zoning.  The facility at the  Necedah National Wildlife Refuge was built using green construction techniques and recycling of water resources.  It is a good place for both the young and old to learn more about nature.


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