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WCCA District Reports



Brian Giebel, East Central District -- None


Kevin Grabau, West Central District -- Our District’s last meeting took place in Pepin County on June 11th.  The morning portion of the meeting consisted of soil onsite training.  We had two staff from DSPS (Charlie Bratz and Ed Taylor) provide the learning session and lead discussion at two separate sites.  Although the rainfall was fairly heavy for the entire time we were outside, and the bottom of the pits were full of water and mud, we all enjoyed the session.  One member did likely ruin a brand new pair of work shoes…work boots didn’t make the trip.


Our District will meet on September 10, in Balsam Lake, Polk County.  Our main topic for discussion will be the Budget bill mandated changes to the Shoreland rules.  We will also discuss other legislative updates, State agency updates, future training sessions, as well as an opportunity for County updates and announcements from our District members.”


Amy Barrows, Southeast District -- None 


Tom Bergman, Northwest District --

The Northwest District has not met this summer.  We are planning on meeting in September or October.  Before the conference, but after we get guidance from the DNR regarding Act 55.


Karl Jennrich, Northeast District -- None


Dan Everson, Southwest District -- The Southwest District meeting was held on July 30, 2015 in Iowa County.  Experiences were shared with regards to NR135, the Governor's budget concerns were expressed with regards to Shoreland Zoning, the Wisconsin Fund, and Township Shoreland Zoning (Hegwood Amendment).   The main topic of conversation revolved around shoreland zoning, and NR115.  Discussion continued with a report by Dan Everson on the upcomming NR114 subcommittee.  

We had a good conversation on the position of lobbying and what other ways the WCCA can get involve.  Brentt Michalek expressed concern over the organization's change to more of a lobbying nature.  He identified the need to build relationships over time rather than the reactionary lobbying that resulted from NR115.   By building relationships for the legislature in various ways we could work ourselves to more of a resource that they are comfortable going to when legislation of concern is brought to their attention.

Michalek thanked the Southwest District for choosing him as their representative however with having additional duties in his double role as Sauk County's Interim Administrative Coordinator he requested to step down.   Dan Everson was appointed as the new Southwest District WCCA representative.  


Vacant, Central District -- None


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